Frank G. Jackson making the case to remain Mayor of Cleveland


Dear Citizens of Cleveland,

Cleveland has a bright future. As Mayor, I have worked diligently with our partners to bring opportunity, investment, and stabilization to our city. Cleveland has been experiencing a renaissance and we are on a growth path for continued success. To keep that success going, I encourage you to select me as Mayor. In the next four years, we will continue to focus our attention on three key areas – safety, education and economic development.

Safety and crime prevention is the top priority for me. I have added 1,000 police officers during my administration, but we know there is more to do. With your help and by partnering with county, state and federal agencies we can significantly reduce crime in our streets.Our Gang Impact Unit has already arrested 175 individuals and removed 125 guns from our streets this year alone. This year we look forward to adding 93 additional officers to our police force.

Supporting and investing in education is fundamental to our success. Through the Cleveland Transformation Alliance, also known as The Cleveland Plan, we have improved graduation rates by 20% over the last five years. Literacy rates for our children in K-3 have outperformed 88 other state school districts. While we have rebuilt several schools, created innovative learning programs and continue to hire more teachers, we still have work to do to prepare our students for a global economy. I support Cleveland’s endeavors to bring “Say Yes” to our students, a game-changing program that brings free college to all students willing and able to accept the opportunity.

Economic development, along with safety and education, completes my three-point plan to continue our city’s progress. Investment in our city is good for all of us. Billions of dollars have been spent in capital improvements, with 90% being spent in neighborhoods outside of downtown and University Circle. With my recent introduction of the Neighborhood Development Initiative, we have set aside $25 million for investment in neighborhoods not traditionally targeted for new growth. 

Safety, education and economic development cannot stand alone and are dependent on one another for success. It takes experience, skill and relationships to bring it together.  Through my actions and dedication, I have brought success to Cleveland with integrity and passion. I ask for your vote to continue our progress and to provide Cleveland with a bright future for everyone.


Frank G. Jackson

Frank G. Jackson, For A Better Cleveland. For more information visit,  Facebook @forabettercleveland and Twitter @CLEMayorJackson.

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